Why We Love Balthazar Bratt

In June, we saw something special. A movie villain with a real appreciation of everything 80’s.

Balthazar Bratt

From his shoulder pads and flat top hair style to his guitar-keyboard wielding Michael Jackson dance moves, Balthazar Bratt instantly became one of RetroPlanet’s all time favourite baddy’s with the release of Despicable Me 3.

In similar fashion to Buddy ‘Syndrome’ Pine from The Incredibles, Bratt turns to a life of crime after being scorned as a child when his 1985 TV show ‘Evil Bratt’ gets canned due to the onset of puberty and a fall in popularity.

32 years on from his loss of fame, Bratt is top of the Anti Villain league’s most wanted list, and it’s up to Gru and Lucy to stop him.

Cue instant hilarity from the moment Balthazar (voiced by Trey Parker) steps onto screen, with non-stop 80’s heist music, evil robots and a nostalgic wardrobe that would have Prince weeping.

Check out our favourite bits, courtesy of Ornot Youtube channel…

Our thanks go to Despicable Me wiki for their superb artwork. For more information on the world of Despicable Me, please pay them a visit!

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